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Lindsey A. (Review From

Barney is amazing! He and his brother showed up right on time and came prepared with towels to lay out as it was raining outside. Originally I purchased a Seattle carpet cleaners deal which covered my master bedroom and partial basement area and had them do that. But since they did such a wonderful job I asked if they could do the rest of my house which they did and even moved around my moving boxes/furniture for me. His brother even offered to put together my bed frame in the guest bedroom :) I love these guys, they are honest and take their time which shows in their work!! The carpet in the basement was new, but they pulled a whole lot of dirt out of there which is disgusting! The Seattle carpet cleaner made a good point that even if the carpet is new, you don’t know how long it had been sitting in the warehouse and in how dusty the conditions there are. Since this cleaning I’ve hired them to clean my mom’s vacant house as well and was just as impressed with their work over there. I’ve got Barney’s number saved in my phone because I will never use another Seattle carpet cleaning company again!

Kristy H. ( Review From

I have rental houses and use Barney’s carpet cleaning services on all of them. This time it was in my nicest and largest home. I didn’t think the carpets looked too bad but wanted them freshly cleaned for the new renters. The house was empty and I schedule the cleaner to come any time they are able so there wasn’t a specific time I was waiting for them. When the cleaner arrived, I got a call from Barney alerting me to a pet odor that seemed to come from a large walk-in closet in the master bedroom. No one had smelled an odor there but he found several pet marks there also. I paid extra to have a deodorizer added to the cleaning which was fine. I went into the house two days later after the carpet had dried and it looked great and there was no pet odor at all. There wasn’t a deodorizer oder either. The new renters have moved in and there have been no complaints. The previous Seattle home renter was not supposed to have any pets but sometimes they sneak them in! The pet stains on the carpet are exactly why I don’t allow pets any more.

Brittany K. (Review From Yelp)

We have 3 bedrooms with off-white wall to wall carpet, a 10 year old, and a large German Shepherd. Not a great combination. We hired Barney to clean the thtree bedrooms. They heavy traffic areas (near doorways) of the carpets were gray with dirt and there were stains in other parts of the carpet.

Overall the job went well. I had asked that they call me when they were heading to my house to make sure I was home since they had provided me with a two hour window. They did call to alert me they were heading over and arrived at the time they said they would. They quickly measured the areas to be cleaned and went over the estimate cost pluse a couple of add ons. I opted for both add ons – $45 for heavy scrubbing in the hi use areas (the first couple of feet inside the bedroom door for example). I also opted for the protection treatment because we have off-white carpets and any dirt or stains show up.

They worked quickly and efficiently, the carpets look great, cleaner than any previous carpet company was able to get them. Our heavy use areas look as good as the rest of the carpet.

We will use Barneys carpet cleaning Seattle in the future.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial Cleaning at its Greatest….
Barneys EcoClean provides cleaning services for commercial places in Seattle. This service is designed to provide an in-depth cleaning of commercial places to make them safer and more inviting to employees and customers alike. Our cleaning technicians in Seattle will use green, safe, and non-toxic chemicals and equipment to clean carpets, upholstery, air ducts, and tile grout in offices and malls.

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Green Cleaning System

Our cleaning technicians are more than janitors and will study each material they need to clean, assess the dirt levels and stain, and use a scientific approach to completely clean the surface even as they ensure that it is not damaged. This is because a cleaning system that uses plenty of water can lead to the formation of mold. Our green cleaning system is completely safe and uses minimal water to ensure that the cleaned surfaces are dry and free of mold.

The regular cleaning conducted by Barney’s EcoClean technicians can prolong the life of carpets and upholstery in commercial places such as offices and malls. Our cleaning technicians in Seattle will ensure that even frequently used upholstery and carpets are cleaned completely.



Water Damage is Our Problem


Water is both a life giver and a major cause of damage to property.Water is both a life giver and a major cause of damage to property. While water in taps and showers provides a lot of convenience to home owners, leaking pipes, burst pipes, backed up sewer or water lines, and other causes of flooding can cause extensive damage in a home or office.

The water can harm carpets, upholstery, hardwood floors, walls, documents, and more. Barney’s EcoClean in Seattle provides water damage restoration services for both homes and offices. Our trained technicians will inspect the damage and treat the carpets, upholstery, and other damaged surfaces to ensure that they are clean, dry, and stain and odor free.

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Barney’s EcoClean will use special chemicals and processes that are safe, green, and non-toxic to restore the water damaged carpets, upholstery, hardwood floors, and walls of your Seattle home. Before they begin work, our trained technicians will record and document all the damage including by taking photographs.

We Cover Our Tracks

This is essential for a home owner when filing insurance claims for compensation for the damage incurred. Our technicians are aware of the requirements of most insurance companies and will document all the damage before moving ahead with the water damage restoration process. This is vital as water damage needs to be treated quickly to limit it and complete the restoration.

Barney’s EcoClean will not only dry and clean the carpets and upholstery in your Seattle home but also identify the source of the water damage and ensure that it is stopped. They will also inspect the building for structural damage caused by the water and ensure that this is fixed before cleaning up the surface evidence of the flooding. This ensures that your home and office will be free of mold or odor as well as visible signs of the water damage such as stains and discoloration.


Air Duct

Air Duct Cleaning with Precision….


Air ducts are used in homes and offices that have central heating and cooling systems. These air ducts are used to deliver treated air to the rooms through the vents and collect used air and transport it back to the central heating or cooling unit.

In most homes and offices in Seattle, air ducts are narrow spaces that are difficult to access and clean.

However, they can accumulate plenty of dirt and moisture and even grow mold. This can lead to polluted or contaminated air being forced into rooms, causing allergies and diseases. Barney’s EcoClean offers air duct cleaning services in Seattle neighborhoods.

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Our trained cleaning technicians are more than janitors. They come equipped with special cleaning products and eco-friendly equipment that sucks the dirt and dust from the air ducts making them clean.

Regular cleaning of air ducts in Seattle buildings will ensure that the treated air forced into the rooms is clean and hygienic. If your home smells musty or moldy, or you are suffering from allergies, you need to call Barney’s EcoClean in Seattle to clean your air ducts.

Car upholstery

The Entire Gamut of Car Upholstery Cleaning….

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Car upholstery is meant to make the car interiors comfortable, cheerful, and inviting. However, it can quickly become dirty as children and pets put their feet up, people spill food and drinks, and a lot of bags and containers are placed on it. Barney’s EcoClean offers professional car upholstery cleaning services in Seattle. Our car upholstery cleaning technicians are trained to use green, safe, and non-toxic chemicals and special equipment to clean the car upholstery.

We Know this Domain

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The eco-friendly chemicals we use force the dirt and germs lodged deep in the car upholstery to the surface, enabling our technicians to suck it up using special equipment. This system uses minimal amounts of water leaving your car upholstery both clean and dry.

We want Your Furniture and Materials to Shine

This method makes it safe for children and pets to enter the car immediately after it has been cleaned and prevents the growth of mold. Our car upholstery cleaning technicians in Seattle not only clean the upholstery but also remove all odors from car. When you get your car upholstery cleaned by Barney’s EcoClean in Seattle you can save time and focus on your family and friends.