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Teressa V (Review from Linktown)

As a new resident of Barney\’s I did not know who to call when my carpet needed cleaning so I “googled” carpet cleaning in boise, id and the first name that came up was pro clean. I decided to give them a try and I am glad I did. They did an excellent job at a great price. They are a small locally owned business and are easy to talk to and very pleasant.I recommend you give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Trina V. (Review from Linktown)

We own a few properties in boise, meridian, and nampa. We have had problems with carpet cleaners in the pass. Either they down show up. Or say they are gonna do 5 rooms for a certain rate then jack up the price at the end. Barney was so helpful and nice. We had a renter trash one of our units and thought for sure we would have to get new carpet. Check out the pics. I will def call Barney back for all future work.

Kelly H. (Review From Yelp)

Couldn’t believe how well our carpets turned out. We had a huge stain from a red wine a friend spilled. We have been covering it up with our area rug for the pass 3 months as I thought we had no chance in getting it out. Barney came for a routine carpet clean I asked him about the stain and he took care of it like it was no problem and kept the same price for me.

Ken Doherty (Review from Google)

We went with ecoclean after checking around with a couple other carpet cleaning companies. Locally owned company and prices were reasonable. They were on time and explained their process. Most important was the quick dry time in the carpet (2-3 hours). Past experience it took almost a full day. We will most deffilently use them again in the future.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Barney’s EcoClean our mission is to ensure satisfied customers as we help them keep their homes clean in a safe and green manner even as they avoid the labor involved in the chore. We offer a complete range of professional and environmentally friendly cleaning service that includes carpet cleaning in Seattle, stain removal, tile grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, car upholstery cleaning, and commercial cleaning. Our cleaners are not janitors but trained cleaning technicians who will use the best method to safely clean your home and belongings.

Long Lasting

At Barney’s EcoClean we are aware that you want a safe way of cleaning your home. Our cleaners use non-toxic methods for cleaning carpets in Seattle. They ensure that the dirt settled deep inside the carpet, upholstery, or tile grout is forced to the surface before removing it. This system that uses minimal water ensures that the carpets are completely dry once the cleaning has been completed preventing the formation of mold. This system of cleaning carpets in Seattle also ensures that the carpets do not attract dust and dirt for some time, keeping them clean for a longer period of time.
Our cleaning technicians will ensure that your home is safely cleaned even as you devote your free time to your family, friends, or hobbies. We ensure that your home is safe for your children and pets. Even those with a tendency to develop allergies will not be harmed by the eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning system we use to clean your home or office in Seattle.

We Employ Determined Professionals

Our reliable, cordial, trained technicians will arrive punctually at your home and complete the cleaning task efficiently and on time. They can clean carpets, remove stains from carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors, and also remove odors from your home making it much more inviting and pleasant. Our carpet cleaning in Seattle ensures that your dirty carpet gets a new lease of life as it will look bright and cheerful for some more time, ensuring that you do not need to replace it. This helps home owners in Seattle save both time and money.


A Fully Capable Stain Removal Business at Your Service….

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Barney’s EcoClean offers superior stain removal services in Seattle. Our stain removal service uses trained technicians, green, non-toxic, and safe chemicals, and special equipment to remove stains from carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors. Whether the stains have been caused by spilled food, water, or pet accidents, our expert stain removal technicians will have the right solution to remove the stain and restore your possessions.

No Stain is too Large

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Our reliable stain removal technicians use eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for children, people with allergies, and pets even as they are effective in removing the stain. This helps restore the carpet or upholstery saving you the cost of replacing it. Our stain removal professionals will also ensure that the carpet or upholstery is cleaned and odor free even as they remove the stain. Once they have worked on your carpet you can be sure that it looks clean and is clean and free of germs and dirt.

Do Not Assume – Give Us a Shot

When you retain the services of Barney’s EcoClean to remove stains from your carpets in Seattle and other possessions you can be assured of a green solution to the problem.



Tile Grout

Fantastic and Consistent Tile Grout Cleaning….

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Barney’s EcoClean offers superior tile grout cleaning in Seattle and neighborhood areas. Our cleaning service is provided by trained technicians who use green, safe, and non-toxic chemicals to ensure that the dirt trapped deep in the tile grout is brought to the surface to be removed. When it comes to cleaning tiles, most people realize that the tiles cannot look clean unless the dirt trapped in the porous grout is also removed. It is impossible to remove this dirt manually.

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Barney’s EcoClean uses eco-friendly chemicals, high pressure, and steam to remove the dirt from the tile grout. Whether you want the tiles grout in your kitchen bathroom, or floor cleaned in Seattle, all you need to do is retain our services. Our technicians are reliable and efficient and will work to complete the cleaning on time. When you retain our services to clean tile grout in Seattle you will be able to save both time and money.
Our technology is more effective that manual scrubbing (and certainly a lot easier), and having the tile grout cleaned professionally will make your tiles look brighter without the risk of damaging them during this process.