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Upholstery Cleaning with Balance and Acumen….

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In most homes upholstery gets dirty quite quickly. Armchairs and sofas are attractive to adults, children, pets, and, therefore, attract plenty of dirt and grime. Instead of replacing favorite furniture, you can get your upholstery in Seattle cleaned using the services offered by Barney’s EcoClean. Our upholstery cleaning products are safe, green, and non-toxic even as they are effective in removing dirt and germs lodged deep in the upholstery.
As Good as New

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Our technicians in Seattle are trained to use eco-friendly chemicals and methods to clean upholstery and ensure that it looks bright and fresh at a much lower cost than replacement. Whether your upholstery has become dirty from constant use or has become stained because of spills, our technicians can ensure that it is cleaned. Our reliable technicians will arrive punctually to clean your upholstery and use minimal water ensuring that there is less chance of mold growth.
We Take Pride in Defeating Stains
Additionally, our technicians are trained to work independently, freeing you to go about your everyday activities even as they clean the upholstery for you. You can spend time with family and friends secure in the knowledge that your upholstery is being cleaned.


We Know Carpet Cleaning….


Barney’s EcoClean offers carpet cleaning in Seattle.Our carpet cleaning is carried out by professionally trained technicians who use non-toxic, green, and safe chemicals and methods to clean carpets completely in Seattle. Carpets are more likely to become dirty quickly as we walk over them, spill food or drinks, and pets have accidents on them.

The dirt and grime can settle deep into the carpets making them lose their luster and begin to smell. Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution brings the dirt out to the surface of the carpet from where it is sucked away by special equipment.

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As our carpet cleaning system in Seattle uses minimal water, the carpets are dry after they have been cleaned, ensuring that there is less chance of the growth of mold. Moreover, the dry carpets are less likely to attract dirt quickly, keeping your carpets clean for longer. You can use Barney’s EcoClean carpet cleaning service in Seattle to keep your carpets clean and fresh without having to manually clean them. This can save you both time and money as your carpets will last longer when they are cleaned regularly.