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The Entire Gamut of Car Upholstery Cleaning….

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Car upholstery is meant to make the car interiors comfortable, cheerful, and inviting. However, it can quickly become dirty as children and pets put their feet up, people spill food and drinks, and a lot of bags and containers are placed on it. Barney’s EcoClean offers professional car upholstery cleaning services in Seattle. Our car upholstery cleaning technicians are trained to use green, safe, and non-toxic chemicals and special equipment to clean the car upholstery.

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The eco-friendly chemicals we use force the dirt and germs lodged deep in the car upholstery to the surface, enabling our technicians to suck it up using special equipment. This system uses minimal amounts of water leaving your car upholstery both clean and dry.

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This method makes it safe for children and pets to enter the car immediately after it has been cleaned and prevents the growth of mold. Our car upholstery cleaning technicians in Seattle not only clean the upholstery but also remove all odors from car. When you get your car upholstery cleaned by Barney’s EcoClean in Seattle you can save time and focus on your family and friends.