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Commercial Carpet

Commercial Cleaning at its Greatest….
Barneys EcoClean provides cleaning services for commercial places in Seattle. This service is designed to provide an in-depth cleaning of commercial places to make them safer and more inviting to employees and customers alike. Our cleaning technicians in Seattle will use green, safe, and non-toxic chemicals and equipment to clean carpets, upholstery, air ducts, and tile grout in offices and malls.

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Green Cleaning System

Our cleaning technicians are more than janitors and will study each material they need to clean, assess the dirt levels and stain, and use a scientific approach to completely clean the surface even as they ensure that it is not damaged. This is because a cleaning system that uses plenty of water can lead to the formation of mold. Our green cleaning system is completely safe and uses minimal water to ensure that the cleaned surfaces are dry and free of mold.

The regular cleaning conducted by Barney’s EcoClean technicians can prolong the life of carpets and upholstery in commercial places such as offices and malls. Our cleaning technicians in Seattle will ensure that even frequently used upholstery and carpets are cleaned completely.



Water Damage is Our Problem


Water is both a life giver and a major cause of damage to property.Water is both a life giver and a major cause of damage to property. While water in taps and showers provides a lot of convenience to home owners, leaking pipes, burst pipes, backed up sewer or water lines, and other causes of flooding can cause extensive damage in a home or office.

The water can harm carpets, upholstery, hardwood floors, walls, documents, and more. Barney’s EcoClean in Seattle provides water damage restoration services for both homes and offices. Our trained technicians will inspect the damage and treat the carpets, upholstery, and other damaged surfaces to ensure that they are clean, dry, and stain and odor free.

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Barney’s EcoClean will use special chemicals and processes that are safe, green, and non-toxic to restore the water damaged carpets, upholstery, hardwood floors, and walls of your Seattle home. Before they begin work, our trained technicians will record and document all the damage including by taking photographs.

We Cover Our Tracks

This is essential for a home owner when filing insurance claims for compensation for the damage incurred. Our technicians are aware of the requirements of most insurance companies and will document all the damage before moving ahead with the water damage restoration process. This is vital as water damage needs to be treated quickly to limit it and complete the restoration.

Barney’s EcoClean will not only dry and clean the carpets and upholstery in your Seattle home but also identify the source of the water damage and ensure that it is stopped. They will also inspect the building for structural damage caused by the water and ensure that this is fixed before cleaning up the surface evidence of the flooding. This ensures that your home and office will be free of mold or odor as well as visible signs of the water damage such as stains and discoloration.


Air Duct

Air Duct Cleaning with Precision….


Air ducts are used in homes and offices that have central heating and cooling systems. These air ducts are used to deliver treated air to the rooms through the vents and collect used air and transport it back to the central heating or cooling unit.

In most homes and offices in Seattle, air ducts are narrow spaces that are difficult to access and clean.

However, they can accumulate plenty of dirt and moisture and even grow mold. This can lead to polluted or contaminated air being forced into rooms, causing allergies and diseases. Barney’s EcoClean offers air duct cleaning services in Seattle neighborhoods.

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Our trained cleaning technicians are more than janitors. They come equipped with special cleaning products and eco-friendly equipment that sucks the dirt and dust from the air ducts making them clean.

Regular cleaning of air ducts in Seattle buildings will ensure that the treated air forced into the rooms is clean and hygienic. If your home smells musty or moldy, or you are suffering from allergies, you need to call Barney’s EcoClean in Seattle to clean your air ducts.

Car upholstery

The Entire Gamut of Car Upholstery Cleaning….

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Car upholstery is meant to make the car interiors comfortable, cheerful, and inviting. However, it can quickly become dirty as children and pets put their feet up, people spill food and drinks, and a lot of bags and containers are placed on it. Barney’s EcoClean offers professional car upholstery cleaning services in Seattle. Our car upholstery cleaning technicians are trained to use green, safe, and non-toxic chemicals and special equipment to clean the car upholstery.

We Know this Domain

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The eco-friendly chemicals we use force the dirt and germs lodged deep in the car upholstery to the surface, enabling our technicians to suck it up using special equipment. This system uses minimal amounts of water leaving your car upholstery both clean and dry.

We want Your Furniture and Materials to Shine

This method makes it safe for children and pets to enter the car immediately after it has been cleaned and prevents the growth of mold. Our car upholstery cleaning technicians in Seattle not only clean the upholstery but also remove all odors from car. When you get your car upholstery cleaned by Barney’s EcoClean in Seattle you can save time and focus on your family and friends.



A Fully Capable Stain Removal Business at Your Service….

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Barney’s EcoClean offers superior stain removal services in Seattle. Our stain removal service uses trained technicians, green, non-toxic, and safe chemicals, and special equipment to remove stains from carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors. Whether the stains have been caused by spilled food, water, or pet accidents, our expert stain removal technicians will have the right solution to remove the stain and restore your possessions.

No Stain is too Large

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Our reliable stain removal technicians use eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for children, people with allergies, and pets even as they are effective in removing the stain. This helps restore the carpet or upholstery saving you the cost of replacing it. Our stain removal professionals will also ensure that the carpet or upholstery is cleaned and odor free even as they remove the stain. Once they have worked on your carpet you can be sure that it looks clean and is clean and free of germs and dirt.

Do Not Assume – Give Us a Shot

When you retain the services of Barney’s EcoClean to remove stains from your carpets in Seattle and other possessions you can be assured of a green solution to the problem.



Tile Grout

Fantastic and Consistent Tile Grout Cleaning….

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Barney’s EcoClean offers superior tile grout cleaning in Seattle and neighborhood areas. Our cleaning service is provided by trained technicians who use green, safe, and non-toxic chemicals to ensure that the dirt trapped deep in the tile grout is brought to the surface to be removed. When it comes to cleaning tiles, most people realize that the tiles cannot look clean unless the dirt trapped in the porous grout is also removed. It is impossible to remove this dirt manually.

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Barney’s EcoClean uses eco-friendly chemicals, high pressure, and steam to remove the dirt from the tile grout. Whether you want the tiles grout in your kitchen bathroom, or floor cleaned in Seattle, all you need to do is retain our services. Our technicians are reliable and efficient and will work to complete the cleaning on time. When you retain our services to clean tile grout in Seattle you will be able to save both time and money.
Our technology is more effective that manual scrubbing (and certainly a lot easier), and having the tile grout cleaned professionally will make your tiles look brighter without the risk of damaging them during this process.


Upholstery Cleaning with Balance and Acumen….

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In most homes upholstery gets dirty quite quickly. Armchairs and sofas are attractive to adults, children, pets, and, therefore, attract plenty of dirt and grime. Instead of replacing favorite furniture, you can get your upholstery in Seattle cleaned using the services offered by Barney’s EcoClean. Our upholstery cleaning products are safe, green, and non-toxic even as they are effective in removing dirt and germs lodged deep in the upholstery.
As Good as New

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Our technicians in Seattle are trained to use eco-friendly chemicals and methods to clean upholstery and ensure that it looks bright and fresh at a much lower cost than replacement. Whether your upholstery has become dirty from constant use or has become stained because of spills, our technicians can ensure that it is cleaned. Our reliable technicians will arrive punctually to clean your upholstery and use minimal water ensuring that there is less chance of mold growth.
We Take Pride in Defeating Stains
Additionally, our technicians are trained to work independently, freeing you to go about your everyday activities even as they clean the upholstery for you. You can spend time with family and friends secure in the knowledge that your upholstery is being cleaned.


We Know Carpet Cleaning….


Barney’s EcoClean offers carpet cleaning in Seattle.Our carpet cleaning is carried out by professionally trained technicians who use non-toxic, green, and safe chemicals and methods to clean carpets completely in Seattle. Carpets are more likely to become dirty quickly as we walk over them, spill food or drinks, and pets have accidents on them.

The dirt and grime can settle deep into the carpets making them lose their luster and begin to smell. Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution brings the dirt out to the surface of the carpet from where it is sucked away by special equipment.

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As our carpet cleaning system in Seattle uses minimal water, the carpets are dry after they have been cleaned, ensuring that there is less chance of the growth of mold. Moreover, the dry carpets are less likely to attract dirt quickly, keeping your carpets clean for longer. You can use Barney’s EcoClean carpet cleaning service in Seattle to keep your carpets clean and fresh without having to manually clean them. This can save you both time and money as your carpets will last longer when they are cleaned regularly.