Kristy H. ( Review From

I have rental houses and use Barney’s carpet cleaning services on all of them. This time it was in my nicest and largest home. I didn’t think the carpets looked too bad but wanted them freshly cleaned for the new renters. The house was empty and I schedule the cleaner to come any time they are able so there wasn’t a specific time I was waiting for them. When the cleaner arrived, I got a call from Barney alerting me to a pet odor that seemed to come from a large walk-in closet in the master bedroom. No one had smelled an odor there but he found several pet marks there also. I paid extra to have a deodorizer added to the cleaning which was fine. I went into the house two days later after the carpet had dried and it looked great and there was no pet odor at all. There wasn’t a deodorizer oder either. The new renters have moved in and there have been no complaints. The previous Seattle home renter was not supposed to have any pets but sometimes they sneak them in! The pet stains on the carpet are exactly why I don’t allow pets any more.