A Fully Capable Stain Removal Business at Your Service….

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Barney’s EcoClean offers superior stain removal services in Seattle. Our stain removal service uses trained technicians, green, non-toxic, and safe chemicals, and special equipment to remove stains from carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors. Whether the stains have been caused by spilled food, water, or pet accidents, our expert stain removal technicians will have the right solution to remove the stain and restore your possessions.

No Stain is too Large

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Our reliable stain removal technicians use eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for children, people with allergies, and pets even as they are effective in removing the stain. This helps restore the carpet or upholstery saving you the cost of replacing it. Our stain removal professionals will also ensure that the carpet or upholstery is cleaned and odor free even as they remove the stain. Once they have worked on your carpet you can be sure that it looks clean and is clean and free of germs and dirt.

Do Not Assume – Give Us a Shot

When you retain the services of Barney’s EcoClean to remove stains from your carpets in Seattle and other possessions you can be assured of a green solution to the problem.